Participating organisations

Collaboration lies at the heart of the MEMBRA project.

We bring together academics at five Universities across biological sciences, geography and classics departments. The Walking Forest artist group is a key MEMBRA contributor and we will also interact with a set of regional and national partners including the Woodland Trust, Forestry England, The National Forest Company and the SmallWoods Association.

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University of Birmingham

MEMBRA is led by Dr Estrella Luna-Diez who is a Lecturer in Plant Pathology at the University of Birmingham. The UoB leadership team includes Dr Adriane Esquivel-Muelbert, Dr Marco Catoni, Dr Scott Hayward and Prof Rob MacKenzie.


University of Exeter

Dr Katharine Earnshaw at the University of Exeter leads the MEMBRA workpackages that focus on the impact of tree memories on arboreal agency. This leadership team includes Prof Tim Lenton.


University of Leeds

Prof Roel Brienen at the University of Leeds brings enormous experience in the area of tree ring analysis and forest dynamics


University of Leicester

Dr Arnoud Boom at the University of Leicester is an expert in paleoclimate and environmental reconstructions and will lead on technical analysis of forest dynamics in this area


Bangor University

Dr Andy Smith has over 10 years’ experience and is director of BangorDiverse, the facility that will provide important information on past forest dynamics and memory of younger trees.

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The Walking Forest

The Walking Forest are a group of four socially and ecologically engaged artists with multi-artform skills in creative facilitation for people in the education, environment, arts and public sectors and will lead the creative element of the MEMBRA project.


MEMBRA Partners

MEMBRA will engage with a variety of project partners involved in the management and promotion of trees and treescapes.