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Understanding Memory of UK Treescapes for Better Resilience and Adaptation (MEMBRA) is a UK Treescapes project that looks at the memory of trees using cutting-edge molecular biology techniques to understand how past stresses are maintained and transmitted through generations.

MEMBRA also explores how our understanding of tree memory impacts the language that describes treescapes and this influences human interactions.

MEMBRA is a unique project that brings together artists, classicists, geographers and molecular biologists that has an overall aim of improving future Treescapes.

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MEMBRA is hiring at University of Birmingham

We have two exciting positions available to join the scientific team at the University of Birmingham to work with Marco…

Fieldwork Update Part 2

The MEMBRA fieldwork team has been traveling the length and breadth of the UK measuring over 6000 trees at our…

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Future Treescapes Conference

Start: 12:00 am June 15
End: 11:59 pm June 16

The next Future Treescapes Conference will be held on the…