Creative MEMBRA

Walking Forest will lead in the generation of creative outputs from the MEMBRA project.

Walking Forest is a ten-year artwork taking place in sites across the UK exploring the links between activism, forest ecology and community.  It will culminate in 2028 with the planting of an Intentional Forest in the UK to honour Earth Defenders from around the world and to act as a place of remembrance for the loss of biodiversity and forests worldwide.

For the MEMBRA project the four lead artists will be working across the team, pairing up with scientists to co-create mixed media outputs that communicate and enhance the cultural understanding and reach of the research.  The artists will also be working with the theme of memory in both human and more than human realms, co-creating new stories and myths and exploring a wide variety of creative outputs coming from the research questions and emerging results.

With varied practices and backgrounds but a shared interest in interdisciplinary work and forest systems, Walking Forest will also oversee the production of a ‘Creative Engagement kit’ with activities for people to take part in from home, including tasks relating to attentiveness and connection through drawing, journaling and creative writing.

Walking Forest will also work with participants on a community nursery which will host mixed species of trees from the MEMBRA project that will go on to be planted in the Walking Forest intentional forest.

The first Creative lab took place on 25-27 April 2022 on Dartmoor. Some images from this fantastic event from Jenny Steer Photography are below.

13 Credit Jenny Steer Photographer_small 12 Credit Jenny Steer Photographer 11 Credit Jenny Steer Photographer_small 05 Credit Jenny Steer Photographer 02 Credit Jenny Steer Photographer_small