University of Exeter

EarnshawDr Katharine Earnshaw

MEMBRA EXPERTISE: Environmental ethics, Classics



Professor Timothy Lenton

MEMBRA EXPERTISE: Modelling global environmental and ecological processes



Dr David Wallace-Hare

MEMBRA EXPERTISE: Environmental historian with the themes of forest management, animal husbandry, agronomy, botany, and mining


Objectives of research at Exeter

Explain the implications of biological discoveries for the understanding of multispecies consciousness and agency.

In collaboration with the Walking Forest, we will run two workshops entitled “Creative Laboratories” where we will bring together scientists and different specialist artists and cultural practitioners in provocateur creative tasks. We will organise three public engagement workshops leading to the creation of the MEMBRA Tree Nursery and ultimately, the MEMBRA Treescape.

To create a language that incorporates the understanding of tree memory and agency.

This objective will produce a ‘dictionary’ of the language used to describe trees and tree memories, thinking across Latin scientific names, ancient case studies, the latest evolutionary ecology research, critical zone studies, and the language used in the biological objectives to create a body of data.

To support policy decision-making through plain-language reporting of results, contributions to governmental strategies, and targeted delivery of early views of results to chosen stakeholders.

This will integrate outputs from other objectives regarding which forests and tree populations should be the target for conservation and planting strategies. To do this, a policy-based two-day event will be organised.