MEMBRA Kickoff Meeting: December 1st

On December 1st at the University of Birmingham we held the MEMBRA kickoff meeting. Academic PIs from Birmingham, Exeter, Leeds, Bangor and Leicester met with the Walking Forest artist group and representatives from MEMBRA partners The SmallWoods Association, Forestry England, The Woodland Trust and the National Forest. As well as 20+ in-person participants we were joined online from across the UK, Brazil and the USA by team members who were unable to travel to Birmingham.

The day was designed as an introduction to all the different portions of the project and was very informative even for those people who thought they had the best overall understanding of the project 🙂

Aside from the obvious benefit of bringing everyone together it was extremely useful to introduce MEMBRA to the project partners, who hadn’t been involved with writing the grant.

Fortunately everyone left the meeting enthused as what might be possible with our extremely multi-disciplinary project!